Targeted activation of NK and CD8 T cells

NK cells attacking a cancer cell


Immunotherapy is revolutionizing cancer therapy. Our therapy functions by activating the innate as well as the adaptive immune system, augmenting and dramatically improving current existing immunotherapy protocols.


Courier is developing a platform technology for precise delivery of cytokines to NK and T cells. The core technology is based on observations about viral stealth proteins that have evolved over millions of years to target immmune cell receptors with extremely high affinity. This enables us to eliminate off target effects of cytokine therapy while increasing efficacy.

With these proprietary insights, we are developing a platform technology for activating the innate and adaptive immune systems. Our lead candidate dramatically improves IL2 therapy, enhancing efficacy while improving safety and preventing activation of immune suppression pathways.

Our Team

We are in the process of assembling a world-class team of physicians, immunologists, cancer researchers, and investors. We also work with independent academic researchers to advance our technology.